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We know you have questions. Listed below are the most frequently asked questions we receive concerning policy and claim issues. If you can’t find your question here, don’t hesitate to call us directly, we’ll be happy to help you sort it out.

Q: When will I be contacted?
A: Usually within 48 hours

Q: I need a rental car.
A: Only the insurance company is authorized to allow you a rental car.

Q: Can I make temporary repairs to my home?
A: You should do whatever is necessary to avoid further damage. Photos are helpful and please keep receipts for expenses due to repairs.

Q: Am I covered?
A: An investigation of the claim has to be done before coverage can be confirmed.

Q: I’ve had an auto accident and it’s not my fault. Do I need to file a claim?
A: Some carriers require that you file a Record Only claim so that they have the incident on file. This also makes it easier in the event that there is a dispute over liability or a delay in the At Fault carrier handling. If you have the available coverage, often times your carrier can make the necessary repairs for you (subject to any deductible) and then subrogate against the responsible party.

Q: Does my auto policy automatically include rental? Does my vehicle have to be not drivable for me to use my rental coverage?
A: This is a coverage that normally has to be purchased. The claim representative will assist you in setting up rental for a covered loss.

Q: What do I do if I have a claim and your office is closed?
A: Your policy will have an after office claims office number available on it.

Q: Will my four-wheeler be covered if it is stolen?
A: There is no coverage for a motorized vehicle, their accessories, equipment and parts, under the homeowner's policy. However, coverage is provided for motorized vehicles not required to be registered for use on public roads or property which are used solely to service an insured's residence premises or designed to assist the handicapped. EX: Riding lawn mowers and electric wheel chairs. You can purchase a separate policy for your 4-wheeler.

Q: Does my homeowners or renters policy cover me for flood damage?
A: No, flood is not covered under your policy. You must purchase a separate flood policy.

Q: There is a dead tree in my yard and if it falls it will hit my house. Will my policy pay to have the tree removed?
A: Trees, shrubs and plants are only covered for certain perils: fire, lightning, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles not owned or operated by a resident of the residence premises, vandalism, or malicious mischief or theft. If the tree died from any other cause there is no coverage. There would also be a limit in the dollar amount paid based on your specific policy.

Q: If I locked my keys in my car will the company pay for a locksmith to come unlock my car?
A: If you purchased Towing & Labor coverage, it would pay up to the limit in your policy.

Q: I think that I have roof damage from the recent wind or hail storm. What do I do?
A: If you cannot tell for sure that you have roof damage, you may want to have a roofer come out to evaluate your roof for damage. If they find damage that has been caused from a covered loss then you can file a claim. This helps to eliminate an unnecessary claim showing up in your claim history.